Mgr. Iva Bílková, Cert. MDT

Expert Opinions

Head of Physical Therapy, FYZIOklinika Prague, Czech Republic

Those who spend a significant portion of their day sitting down may develop health issues in the musculoskeletal system, headache, pounding or pressure in the chest, peristaltic an...
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Bc. Jana Bouzková

Expert Opinions

Physical Therapist, Hořice, Czech Republic

Expert opinion on healthy sitting continues to evolve, leading to a range of different, sometimes contradictory recommendations. There is, however, broad agreement on the neurophys...
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How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Health Articles

Painful inflammation of the lower back is usually caused by acute overloading - in sports, housework, gardening, or from bending over quickly or trying to lift a heavy object. The pain is often severe enough to make standing problematic. This condition is known under various names, including lumbago and sciatica.

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Physiology of the Spine and Causes of Back Pain

Health Articles

If you want to understand healthy sitting habits, you need to know the basics about the spine. The spine is the main support of the torso and its proper posture is important for comfortable long-term sitting.

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Adaptic Therapeutic Chairs Win Independent Test

Media Coverage

An Adaptic therapeutic tilting-seat chair takes the top spot in a test performed by physical therapy experts from FYZIOklinika, Prague, CZ. A summary of its performance against competitor Spinalis was published in the Czech News Agency e-newspaper České

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Eliška S. Senior Clinical Researcher | Prague, Czech Republic

It's awesome to sit on, even sitting 10 hours a day I have no back aches at all. I'm thrilled :-) Compared to the chair I used to have, it's no contest. I think part of it is the size - my old chair was probably too big for me. But the main reason is definitely the balancing seat. I thought at first it might be annoying, but it's actually very pleasant. The chair is easy to handle, too. In short, amazing.

All the best :-)

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Martina Krátká Accountant | Liberec, Czech Republic

I got this chair on recommendation from a colleague. I used to complain at the office of my sore back when I finish my work late at home, until she showed me this therapeutic chair website. The price staggered me a little at first, but it was definitely worth it! An effective investment in your health is worth the money!

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Tomáš Bartoš IT Specialist | Prague, Czech Republic

As an IT expert, my work basically consists of two positions: Either crawling around on the ground plugging in cables, or sitting at the desk staring at a screen. I've always been worried about my eyesight, but instead I got rather severe back trouble this winter. Since then, I've become a gym regular, and on my physical therapist's recommendation, I also got an Adaptic chair. I feel reborn. It took a while to get used to, but now I wouldn't want anything else!

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