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Spending a lot of time at the computer? Learn proper seated posture to prevent back pain


Back pain is a common lifestyle disease. There are a variety of possible causes, the most common of which is poor posture. If you suffer frequent back pain, your habits most likely need reviewing.



Statistical Aches

Statistically speaking, up to 80% of the population of modern countries are at risk of back pain during their lifetime. Every third medical appointment is related to back pain, which is also a leading cause of work disability. These figures are unlikely to improve in the near future. As the proportion of sedentary jobs increases, so does the proportion of back pain sufferers.



Don't Let Pain Run Your Life

Whether you're already suffering from back pain or just want to avoid it, there are three things you should do: healthy eating, healthy exercise and healthy sitting.


Healthy Eating

Malnutrition and obesity can both damage the spine. It is recommended to adopt a varied and balanced diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables. If you are overweight, each pound lost is that much relief gained for your back.


Healthy Exercise

It has been demonstrated that regular exercise significantly reduces the incidence of back pain. You don't need to get a gym membership and start lifting large weights. On the contrary, you should start easy and stretch well before each exercise session. A brisk walk in comfortable shoes is ideal against back pain.


Healthy Sitting

Those with sedentary jobs sit up to 12 hours a day on average. Long-term sitting with poor posture and / or on an unsuitable chair may lead to serious health problems.

Maintaining proper posture may be problematic on a standard office chair, as many of them are not sufficently adjustable to your individual needs.

Most office workers use only basic office chairs, which is part of the reason that back pain is becoming ever more common.




Therapeutic office chairs with tilting seats were specifically designed in collaboration between designers, physicians and physical therapists to relieve and prevent painful conditions.

When sitting on these chairs, the seat tilts to adapt to the motions of the body, enabling proper posture

As the body can find the posture it needs, the various muscles involved are activated properly. This reduces fatigue, improves performance and prevents or relieves back pain.

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