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Jan Procházka


Design Engineer



Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic



When my wife first brought up this therapeutic chair advert, I said, whatever, buy it. When she mentioned the price, I thought she was crazy. I really did - we don't need to count every penny, and the chairs in the office cost a few thousand koruna apiece, but a five-figure price seemed a bit much. My wife is not a quitter, though - she kept bringing up a variety of healthy-sitting articles, expert reviews, customer testimonials off the Internet... Eventually, I decided to think of it as an investment. My wife is a work-from-home accountant; she enjoys her work but often had to go lie down midway through on account of severe back pain. So I got her the Adaptic as a Christmas present. I occasionally sat on it myself, then I got used to it and started hogging it for leftover office work - and today, we each have our own.





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